Friday, November 2, 2012

The Canby Ferry

 Today we went to a huge electronics store, Fry's Electronics in Wilsonville, looking for an adapter. Instead we found just the water pic Joe's dentist wanted him  to start using at a very reasonable price.  The almost unbelievable price of $16.99!  At Target and Walgreens, the least expensive one we could find that would do the job was between $40-$50.

On Sunday's, Joe takes the Miramont Residents for a Sunday ride. The 18 passenger bus is usually full. On Thursday or Friday, we "scout" out where he will take them on Sunday.  On the way back from Fry's he found some beautiful back roads and one of them led to the Canby Ferry.  He will take them close to the river but won't cross the river on the ferry with the bus.  The ferry Captain said he has taken some of the Retirement Home buses on there, but Joe doesn't feel there is enough clearance between the bottom of the bus and the highway getting on and off the ferry. We saw lots of scrapes and digs in the pavement

Joe and I took the short five minute ride. The ferry is pulled across the river by an underwater cable.  It holds  about four cars or a small bus and a couple cars.  The river was as clear and calm

This is just about in the middle of the river. We both noticed about the same time a huge fish jump. It was a beautiful sight.

The end of the ride. The road took us back 99E through Canby, Oregon City, and home to Milwaukie.  It will be a very nice ride for the residents, rain or shine. Lots of farm animals, a Dahlia Farm that still has flowers in bloom, and beautiful trees.

A refurbished "Oregon City Bridge"  It connects Oregon City with West Linn and was closed for almost 2 years while repairs took place.  You can read about the history of the bridge here. Oregon City Bridge