Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More of Oregon's Beautiful Fall Colors

We aren't much for Halloween but I do love the feeling of fall in the air. I like the beautiful colored trees and the crunchy feeling when I walk on the fallen leaves, so I bring some of them in to my dining room and set up a fall/Thanksgiving theme.  When I go to the stores, it seems you see all of the Halloween items and two isles over, Christmas items.  What happened to Thanksgiving?  I love to take quiet time during the day and remind myself, of all the things and people I am thankful for. 
I made a run to Fred Meyer's this morning and was thrilled at the beautiful trees in the parking lot. I didn't plan on taking pictures and all I had was my iphone so the quality of these pictures aren't the best. I pick up leaves in the grocery store parking lot, the Post Office parking lot and on my walks and add them to my collection. There are also some acorns and cones off the Sequoia Tree in our park.

These pumpkins were for sale in a huge box outside the Fred Meyer Doors. Orange isn't a color I like to wear, but I love how it "looks" on the pumpkins :)

I get to enjoy these three beautiful trees every time I turn that corner because I live not far from there.