Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New doo, Flu Shots and Rainbows

The lighting isn't all that great, but I no longer have straight hair. I had perms for years. Then I married Joe and we started traveling. If the weather is nice, he likes the windows down and ladies you know what the wind does to nice hair do's.  So for the next eight years I had what my beautician called "Betty's forever Haircut"  Straight and easy to care for.  One day Joe casually mentioned he wished I had my curly hair back.  His wish is my command ..... but only until spring. Then it's back to windows down and short hair cut again and probably this time for good.  My arthritic shoulders makes It difficult for me to get my arms up over my head to use the curling iron or the dryer.

Saturday, Viola's sister Marlene, took her to their sister Ethelda's home to  celebrate Ethelda's  84th birthday. We joined them later to give her our best wishes too.
Joe and his Aunt Ethelda, Viola's younger sister

Yesterday, I took Viola for her routine 3 month check up and her Dr. told her she was doing great.  She suggested that Viola get a flu shot because of her age, and also because of some pretty ugly viruses out there this year.  Viola kind of hesitated and then told Dr. OK, but the last time she had one, it made her pretty sick. Looking at her chart, Dr. asked her when that was, because she did just fine with it last year. Viola's response was "1956"...... Unfortunately, this morning she woke up feeling chilled and nauseated.   After putting her favorite sweater on her, and a shawl over her shoulders, a lap blanket and a wool blanket over her lap and legs, encouraging her to take as much fluids as she felt she could. ( which wasn't very much) and Tylenol twice today, I'm happy to report, this evening, she ate all her supper, and was back to wearing just her dress and regular sweater.    Late this afternoon, the skies darkened, the rains came again, and look what I saw.  Yes, the Lord's reminder  of His faithfulness to us.