Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bread and Birthday

Yesterday was "bread" day. Have any of my fellow bloggers heard of KILLER DAVE'S BREAD?  Well this is the place where it is made.  This is the story of how the business started. Story of Killer Dave's Bread   When I finish my shopping there, I come out the door, and walk right across the street to..........

Bob's Red Mill to have a healthy lunch and purchase some bulk products I needed.  I asked once "isn't that pretty stiff competition with The Healthy Bread Store right across the street?  The answer is "NO because they buy all their  products from us".  Just a note of interest.... Bob's Red Mill use to be across the street where the Healthy Bread Store is before they built this.  And if you want more info on the history of Bob's Red Mill you can click here.   Bob's Red Mill    I am so fortunate to have them close to where I live.

What kind of a birthday gift do you give a woman who will be 98 years old Dec. 6th?  It was a no "brainer" when we saw how much fun she had when we took her to see an Elvis Impersonator at the Western Washington State Fair in Puyallup, Washington a couple of years ago. I wish I had a picture of that to post on here, but unfortunately I "wiped" them all out when I deleted some pictures.  Sooooooo This is Viola's SURPRISE 98th birthday present from Joe and I. We met "Elvis" at the Milwaukie Senior Center and then again at the Doctors office where both Elvis and Joe's mom's were getting routine care. We had a chance to talk while we were waiting and he told us about the Dinner Train where he will be performing  on Sat. Dec. 1st.  I made a phone call, to Mt. Hood Railroad to make sure she would be able to get on and off the train, have a meal that she would be able to enjoy, and be able to get from the dining car to the lounge car. The answer was yes to all of the above. "Elvis" contacted me via FB message to tell us  Unbeknownst to her, he  will be giving her a "scarf" during his performance. So if any of you want to join us on Sat. Dec. 1st, go to the website below, and click on Elvis Tribute Dinner train to get your tickets. Hope to see you there.