Monday, September 17, 2012

Very busy Weekend

I started coming to this fair as a kid in the late 40's.  On "Eatonville Day" students were given a free ticket and a school bus took us to the fair for the day. Times have changed and over the years so has the fair. It has become very "commercialized" but we still enjoy it. It goes for 16-27 days and to really see all of it we usually go 2-3 times.  This year we scrunched everything we wanted to see in two days, from 10:00AM to 10:00PM

 On Saturday, Joe's son and daughter and their family's joined us and oh the fun we had!

These are The Gothard Sisters. We really enjoyed their music and dance.

Kevin and Joleen, two of Joe's grand kiddos.

I think we laughed more watching this than anything at the Fair on Friday and on Saturday, Joe made sure Kevin and Joleen and daughter Kelly gave him a few more laughs by asking them to have fun inside those bubbles.

Viola loves the Ferris Wheel. Now keep in mind, she will be 98 in December. Joe, her son, Kelly and Rob her granddaughter and grandson, took her on the BIG FERRIS wheel. Usually when there are so many people at the fair, you only get a few times around. But I think a few people who controlled the Ferris wheel were thinking it was so great that someone that age was able to do this..... that Ferris wheel kept going around and around. They'd let others off after a short time, but not Viola........13 TIMES around before they finally ended her ride.  She was delighted.!  We were delighted she was even able to be there, because  about 2:00 AM that morning she took a really hard fall. Bruised her hand, skinned up her elbow and bumped her head.... but come time to leave for the fair (9:00AM)  There was NO WAY she was going to be left behind. By the way, she did very well the rest of the weekend.  I had a consult with her Dr. this a.m. and was told unless she starts feeling bad, or starts displaying questionable symptoms, there was no need to bring her in to be checked out. 

This is Joe and Joleen. Grandpa is trying to terrorize her, but I don't think he succeeded. She got off with a big grin on her face.

O.K. This is one of my favorite things to do at the fair. I was getting pretty tired, and decided to sit. These two ladies were next to me and we struck up a conversation like we'd known each other all our lives.  We discovered we had a lot in common. Viola is trying to figure out who they are and what my connection is with them....Joe took our picture because when he walked up he said we were having way to much fun and thought maybe I'd like to remember it.

This was an interesting way of rolling out the dough for Elephant ears.......

Sunday morning we had to head for home early because there was a VERY important birthday party we had to go to. Princess Emily will be 3 years old tomorrow (18th) and the family was celebrating her birthday Sunday afternoon.  She met us at the car door with a Tiara, a wand, pretty dress and jewelry and her special black patent leather shoes.

She loves tea parties and now she can have one using her own little tea set.

She loved the fluorescent red and purple dolphin

Cake, Ice Cream, lots of fun gifts  and a wonderful visit with cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, grand parents and great grandparents, and friends on both sides of the family, all out side on a beautiful, sunny afternoon.  Happy, Happy 3rd Birthday Princess Emily