Saturday, August 4, 2012

Horseshoes and Air Show

Friday afternoon our friends Russ and Kay invited us to come for a visit.  Kay and I enjoyed our visit INSIDE where it was nice and cool while Russ and Joe pitched horseshoes for a few hours.

But it seems, Joe was a bit distracted.  His eyes kept wandering up to the sky. Why you might ask?  Because the Portland Air show is this weekend at the Hillsboro Airport which is very close to where Russ and Kay live.  Some of those jets that screamed over literally vibrated the house.... Need I say more?  Needless to say Russ won the games. 

When it was time to head for home, they suggested that we eat at the Reedville Cafe Good choice guys!! Great food.  If you are wondering about Kay's arm, She took a fall while they were at the beach for a horseshoe tournament and broke a bone in her upper arm. It is healing nicely and only a few more weeks in that sling.

Well, come Saturday morning, friend David was here at 8:00AM and the two of them took off for breakfast at Biscuits Cafe be fore heading out to the air show.

Dave and Joe were well prepared for the high temps out there (102) but with all the concrete, it was much hotter.

The headliners........
Joe favors the Blue Angels but he said it was still a great performance. While the guys were enjoying the show, I was enjoying being at home inside my nice a/c house. I watered the hanging baskets twice today because it was so hot. I'm not complaining though, because before we know it, summer will be gone, and fall and winter will be upon us.