Friday, July 20, 2012

Gone, all Gone

I learned a valuable lesson the hard way today.  Do not delete your Google Plus account or Picasa unless you want to loose all your pictures on your blog. :(  It was a hard, disappointing lesson learned) But I can guarantee you it won't happen again.  Thank you to Mr. Doyle, who helped me understand what I had done.  

The upside of it all was now I know how to "hangout" on Google Plus. Joe and I actually got to meet Rick before we ever get to Canada as a  result of the Google Plus Hangout App.  I've never learned how to do Skype but this is so easy!! I'm looking forward to using it to "hangout" with my kids, grand kids and great grand kids along with friends.  I'm glad I get to live in this electronic age.  I have a hard time with some of these electronic toys of  mine, but eventually I'll get it figured out.