Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Time with Family

We were blessed by my oldest son and my grandsons coming over this past weekend and putting our new desk together.  All done in three hours!

And with ALL of them also being computer guru's, they put the computer, printer, sound system, all back in fine working order, plus, all the wiring is now neatly banded together so it looks nice under the desk too.

Joe's son Rob, and his girlfriend Danette came from Auburn, Washington to spend Christmas eve and part of Christmas Day with us. Poor Danette had just gotten home, driving from Tucson, AZ. Sunday, and turned right around and got back in the car for the trip down here on Monday. So she was understandably tired. They play Pokeno with a group of friends once a month. I asked them to bring their game down here. We played one time a few years ago when we were at Pilot Knob, but forgot how to play. It was fun to relearn the game and we are now saving our nickles for our next trip up there. I see another game of Pokeno in our future. Viola watched us play the first game, and decided she could join us. She had fun and we didn't tell her it wasn't Bingo.

This was my table for Christmas eve.

The bar held a crockpot of chili and a fondue pot with fresh cut up bread.

And the traditional birthday cake for Jesus. 

Viola had a wonderful time opening her gifts.

Grand daughter Kelly and family took us to a specialty store this summer that only sells Root Beer and Root Beer Products.  Vi was so tickled to find in her box, Root Beer pop, lip gloss and Root Beer Barrels (hard candy)....

I was thrilled to have another bottle of White Diamonds Perfume

Joe is pretty pumped over receiving a Soulo Karaoke for our iPhone and he's already used it
Rob down loaded the app needed for the Microphone, and today I went to my favorite AT&T store, and one of my two "adopted" grandsons helped me figure out how to get connected to the iphone AND the Jawbox. WE HAVE SOUND!!! LOTS OF SOUND. Now we just need to find the kind of music he likes on iTunes.He likes the old classic cowboy music and old hymns of the church. Its so nice to have such a small set up. An iPhone, a microphone, a couple of chords and the Jawbox. It will all fit in something like a man's travel bag used for his toiletries.  We just happen to have an extra one.  So now the family won't ever have to wonder what to get Joe for Christmas, Birthday's etc. yep......itune cards. 

I just had to add a couple more pictures. Grandson and new daddy Jesse, mommy Alyssa and newest great grandson Bronson Asher Hall, about six weeks old.

And this just really made me giggle.  Six weeks old, and his first recliner, including a cup holder. A Christmas present from his maternal granny.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Neighbors

I haven't taken pictures of anything worth blogging about in a couple of weeks, but We do have new neighbors in our local area. We are new members of  The Portland Aquarium that just had their grand opening and  is just down the street from where we live   My grand daughter called us today and told us she wants to go there for her birthday in February so we are really looking forward to that.  But I'm sure we will be going there before that.

Our other new neighbor is the Teen Challenge Thrift Store  One of the fun things I like to do is browse in Thrift Stores and this one is no exception. 

We are ready for Christmas, looking forward to Christmas Eve Church service and spending time with family.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

No Words

I have no words.  I can't even begin to process or understand the happenings of this week. But I do know how to pray and that I am doing

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sadness at Christmas Time

We are profoundly saddened over the Shooting tragedy at our Clackamas Town Center Mall on Tuesday and our prayers are for the families of those who died. So many many people who were in the mall at the time are traumatized and there are also many heros who helped get people out of the mall. Both Joe and I, in separate vehicles were on streets parallel with the mall when this was happening. I have never in my life seen so many emergency vehicles converging on an area like that. At one point all I could do was stop. There was no place to even pull over because of all the traffic. The police just wove in and out and they were going really fast. The mall has been closed for 3 days now and will reopen tomorrow, but I think it will be a really long time before I can walk or shop there again

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas in the 40's

One of the decorations I take out every year and put by my chair is this picture of my brother Dick and me.  I love to go to the Mall and watch the children talking to Santa. Santa's looks has sure changed in the last 60 plus years hasn't he.
Not a very clear picture but this is those two kids abot 50 plus years later.  That little boy grew up to be a  great preacher and married a gal that I love like my sister.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Birthday Celebration With Elvis

Yesterday was a very BIG day for Viola. The day started out as any normal day for her would. Breakfast, daily morning routines, but normal ended there.  About 1:00pm she got a Royal surprise when her grand daughter Kelly and grand son Rob and his girlfriend Danette, walked into her room and told her they were there to go with her on a very special trip.  Kelly helped her pick out a pretty blouse and slacks, and a warm coat.

Then it was off to Hood River for a train ride on the Blue Blue Christmas Train with Rayvis, an Elvis impersonator.  But she didn't know that until she was on the train.

The Depot was all decorated for Christmas.  The Polar Express was also running that evening so there were lots of people and very little place to park.  Joe managed to find a place very close to the depot.  She had special help getting on the train also.

We had assigned seating with linen table cloths silver, and glass. Very, Very Nice.

This was our menu and we all chose the Lasagna.
Appetizers:-House smoked salmon mousse with smoked paprika and White Oak Farm organic micro greens. Served with handmade lavash crackers

-Sliced baguette bread and whipped sweet cream butter.

Main course:

-Top Sirloin Steak. Certified Angus top sirloin, 8 oz steak, grilled and served with Tuscan roasted mashed potatoes, sautéed green beans and beef demi-glaze.

Vegetarian Alternate:
-Handmade Fresh Pasta Lasagna, baked in individual platters. A combination of Ricotta, mozzarella and sharp Grana cheese, with slow roasted tomato sauce, herbs and extra virgin olive oil.


- Hood River Apple and Marionberry cobbler with Vanilla Chantilly cream

After our meal, we were ushered into another car (the Train stopped at the little community of Odell (end of the line for this particular train) where for almost an hour,  while he was singing, he would remove a scarf from his neck (that his helper kept replacing with more) and put the scarf around a lady's neck and a very sweet kiss on the cheek. I don't think Viola will ever be the same. No, the men didn't get scarves.

He sang a mixture of Christmas songs, love songs, and rock and roll.

After the show, he changed costumes, and came through the cars, posing for pictures, handing out buttons that said I SAW THE KING ON THE MT. HOOD RAILROAD and thanking each one for coming.

I think the smile on her face says it all don't you?

Rob (the apple of his grandma's eye)  and Danette

It was a long day but a fun day. We loved the fact that we were told to stay in our seats until everyone was off the train. Then the train was backed up even to the track side depot door.  A lift was put in place, and Viola was helped on to the lift by Joe, and lowered to the ground and we exited with the steps after the lift was removed.  Once inside, we stayed with Viola while Joe got the car and brought it right up to the other door of the depot. I can't say enough thank yous  about  the attention of the Mt. Hood RR staff  making her day so special. After church today, I went to Fred Meyers and had prints made of some of the pictures we took so she can share them with her lady friends at her birthday breakfast at a local restaurant on Tuesday.  The first Tuesday of each month, they meet for breakfast and those who had a birthday in that month get their breakfast paid for by the other ladies.  Wednesday is her regular day at Milwaukie Senior Center and I'm sure she will share her pictures there also.  Then Thursday, the 6th is her actual 98th birthday and she will be spending it with her sister Marlene.

One final note. A long time ago, I made plans with my sister to take her and her friend to the airport this morning to go to Hawaii for a week.  When I made the plans for Viola's special day I totally forgot about it.  But Jan and I worked it all out. She arrived just before Kelly and Rob and Danette got here. So we had a quick visit and to my great joy, when she comes back from Hawaii she is going to spend a few days with me.  I have nothing on my calendar for those days and it's going to stay that way.  I need some sister time. She enjoyed the quiet time here by herself while we were gone. So it was a win win situation in the end.