Friday, October 5, 2012

Mish Mash Week

Fall is definitely here! It has been windy the last couple of days. Recently I went to our local Fred Meyers store (Kroeger to those of you who aren't familiar with Fred Meyers) and while walking back to my car from the store, I saw these pretty little leaves laying on the blacktop in the parking lot.  I thought  "Hmm I have just the vase for these"  A few weeks ago, I had gone to Goodwill. I love  wandering around that store. I came across this little old vase. It was Senior Day at the store, which means 10% off. So I paid 90 cents for it.  I was right. The leaves look very nice in my little vase.
Next week we have an appointment to have the motor home winterized. Then Joe will cover it for the winter. So today we decided to take it out for a little exercise.  He had a new alternator put in it and wanted to make sure every thing was working OK. He surprised me with breakfast at the Top O Hill Restaurant. There is a huge parking lot on the restaurant side and also on the opposite side. So parking wasn't a problem.  On the way home, my granddaughter called and asked me to meet her  so she could give me an adapter I needed. This time, parking was a bit of a problem. It was in a very busy strip mall. But it really wasn't a problem..They blocked traffic in the parking lot so Joe could back up and head out. Thanks kids.

I have 10 grandchildren. They are all very talented. There are  musicians, artists and computer whizzes. But today I want to focus on one particular grandson. Joshua is an intern Drawing Instructor at the Master School of Arts
Since the summer of 2006, Joshua worked to self-teach himself anime and his own cartooning style to illustrate the stories that he writes in his spare time. He started in the MSOA College program in Spring of 2008 and now continues to strive towards being able to put more realistic illustrations to his books. At the same time Joshua is currently working towards earning a Teacher's Certification.  His first book has been published and is available at:

Barnes and Noble


Great Birthday or Christmas present for the fantasy reader on your gift list.

For those of you who are heading out for "Snow Bird Country" , happy and safe travels to you. We are looking forward to reading about your travels and adventures this winter. We enjoy traveling through your eyes and words.


  1. Oh, Betty, I so wanted to read your links, but they are light yellow on a white background. I could not read them at all. (I could click on them, though. But first I had to figure out they were links.)

    Do you live in Canby? I used to work for the Wilsonville Spokesman and the Canby Herald was our parent paper. We lived in Butteville for 11 years!

    Small world.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to your grandson. What a wonderful accomplishment.

  3. OH, I thought maybe some things got left out by mistake! On my laptop, all I see are blank spots. I'll go back now that I know there are links. That vase is beautiful and what a bargain.

  4. Susan, thank you for letting me know about this situation on my blog. I changed colors. Did it help any? I live North of Canby, North of Oregon City. Please let me know if the color is better.

  5. I'm very impressed, that is some accomplishment for your grandson. Hope your bulbs got all planted.