Saturday, October 13, 2012

I prayed, He answered

When I called our local RV service department, the service manager told me the earliest he could get our motor home in to be winterized would be Friday October 12th. We have had beautiful weather for over a month. Wouldn't you know it, Rain was forcasted for, you guessed it, Friday October 12th and the weather folks were right on! It was raining when we woke up yesterday  morning. Well we got it winterized, and I asked the Lord to please give us at least a window of time to get the motor home dried off and covered.  This morning (Sat.) we were sitting here watching the football game  and Joe looked out the window and commented it wasn't raining. So we jumped up and headed out.  The above picture was my "window"  I thought to my self , "Lord a BIG picture window of time would have helped....."

All around us except for that one tiny patch of blue, looked like this. That little white circle was the sun trying to get through those ugly black clouds. The wind wasn't a gentle breeze but it wasn't bad either.  Just enough to help dry of what little rain fell on the top of the motor home.  A bunch of old towels, Joe keeps around did the trick and in no time it was all dried off.

For those of you who have a cover for your rigs, you know they aren't a small bundle. He tied a rope to the rope that holds the cover together and hoisted it up the side to the top.

I cropped this picture, so you can't really tell the neighbor's"'tomato patch" is right next to Joe's foot. So there isn't much room  to toss those ties under the motor home to the other side. But he managed to get it done.

I tried to get him to smile, but he wasn't in a smiling mood after  the rush to get it covered, but God is good, and He held off the rains until we were finished.  It is a very good feeling to have that little job done for another winter...... and yes, it is raining now and is going to keep raining the weatherman says, with a lot more wind,  until next Tuesday.


  1. He always knows what we need and this time His answer was yes, you can have your little bit of sunshine. Looks like you are ready to settle down for a long winter's night. Be safe and stay warm.

  2. Isn't it wonderful when our little, simple prayers are answered?

  3. I'm glad you had a window of time to get the motorhome covered. Don't you just hate putting the summer 'toys' away. It means the cold north winds will start blowing. Stay dry. It rained here all day yesterday, and today more rain is predicted along with high winds!!

  4. He always answers one way or another!

    Gorgeous sun/cloud photo.

    Good job Joe. Can't believe you make it look so easy!

  5. That's a big job. We used to cover our old Class A and it was not fun! Glad you're all done.