Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More of Oregon's Beautiful Fall Colors

We aren't much for Halloween but I do love the feeling of fall in the air. I like the beautiful colored trees and the crunchy feeling when I walk on the fallen leaves, so I bring some of them in to my dining room and set up a fall/Thanksgiving theme.  When I go to the stores, it seems you see all of the Halloween items and two isles over, Christmas items.  What happened to Thanksgiving?  I love to take quiet time during the day and remind myself, of all the things and people I am thankful for. 
I made a run to Fred Meyer's this morning and was thrilled at the beautiful trees in the parking lot. I didn't plan on taking pictures and all I had was my iphone so the quality of these pictures aren't the best. I pick up leaves in the grocery store parking lot, the Post Office parking lot and on my walks and add them to my collection. There are also some acorns and cones off the Sequoia Tree in our park.

These pumpkins were for sale in a huge box outside the Fred Meyer Doors. Orange isn't a color I like to wear, but I love how it "looks" on the pumpkins :)

I get to enjoy these three beautiful trees every time I turn that corner because I live not far from there.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New doo, Flu Shots and Rainbows

The lighting isn't all that great, but I no longer have straight hair. I had perms for years. Then I married Joe and we started traveling. If the weather is nice, he likes the windows down and ladies you know what the wind does to nice hair do's.  So for the next eight years I had what my beautician called "Betty's forever Haircut"  Straight and easy to care for.  One day Joe casually mentioned he wished I had my curly hair back.  His wish is my command ..... but only until spring. Then it's back to windows down and short hair cut again and probably this time for good.  My arthritic shoulders makes It difficult for me to get my arms up over my head to use the curling iron or the dryer.

Saturday, Viola's sister Marlene, took her to their sister Ethelda's home to  celebrate Ethelda's  84th birthday. We joined them later to give her our best wishes too.
Joe and his Aunt Ethelda, Viola's younger sister

Yesterday, I took Viola for her routine 3 month check up and her Dr. told her she was doing great.  She suggested that Viola get a flu shot because of her age, and also because of some pretty ugly viruses out there this year.  Viola kind of hesitated and then told Dr. OK, but the last time she had one, it made her pretty sick. Looking at her chart, Dr. asked her when that was, because she did just fine with it last year. Viola's response was "1956"...... Unfortunately, this morning she woke up feeling chilled and nauseated.   After putting her favorite sweater on her, and a shawl over her shoulders, a lap blanket and a wool blanket over her lap and legs, encouraging her to take as much fluids as she felt she could. ( which wasn't very much) and Tylenol twice today, I'm happy to report, this evening, she ate all her supper, and was back to wearing just her dress and regular sweater.    Late this afternoon, the skies darkened, the rains came again, and look what I saw.  Yes, the Lord's reminder  of His faithfulness to us.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bread and Birthday

Yesterday was "bread" day. Have any of my fellow bloggers heard of KILLER DAVE'S BREAD?  Well this is the place where it is made.  This is the story of how the business started. Story of Killer Dave's Bread   When I finish my shopping there, I come out the door, and walk right across the street to..........

Bob's Red Mill to have a healthy lunch and purchase some bulk products I needed.  I asked once "isn't that pretty stiff competition with The Healthy Bread Store right across the street?  The answer is "NO because they buy all their  products from us".  Just a note of interest.... Bob's Red Mill use to be across the street where the Healthy Bread Store is before they built this.  And if you want more info on the history of Bob's Red Mill you can click here.   Bob's Red Mill    I am so fortunate to have them close to where I live.

What kind of a birthday gift do you give a woman who will be 98 years old Dec. 6th?  It was a no "brainer" when we saw how much fun she had when we took her to see an Elvis Impersonator at the Western Washington State Fair in Puyallup, Washington a couple of years ago. I wish I had a picture of that to post on here, but unfortunately I "wiped" them all out when I deleted some pictures.  Sooooooo This is Viola's SURPRISE 98th birthday present from Joe and I. We met "Elvis" at the Milwaukie Senior Center and then again at the Doctors office where both Elvis and Joe's mom's were getting routine care. We had a chance to talk while we were waiting and he told us about the Dinner Train where he will be performing  on Sat. Dec. 1st.  I made a phone call, to Mt. Hood Railroad to make sure she would be able to get on and off the train, have a meal that she would be able to enjoy, and be able to get from the dining car to the lounge car. The answer was yes to all of the above. "Elvis" contacted me via FB message to tell us  Unbeknownst to her, he  will be giving her a "scarf" during his performance. So if any of you want to join us on Sat. Dec. 1st, go to the website below, and click on Elvis Tribute Dinner train to get your tickets. Hope to see you there.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I prayed, He answered

When I called our local RV service department, the service manager told me the earliest he could get our motor home in to be winterized would be Friday October 12th. We have had beautiful weather for over a month. Wouldn't you know it, Rain was forcasted for, you guessed it, Friday October 12th and the weather folks were right on! It was raining when we woke up yesterday  morning. Well we got it winterized, and I asked the Lord to please give us at least a window of time to get the motor home dried off and covered.  This morning (Sat.) we were sitting here watching the football game  and Joe looked out the window and commented it wasn't raining. So we jumped up and headed out.  The above picture was my "window"  I thought to my self , "Lord a BIG picture window of time would have helped....."

All around us except for that one tiny patch of blue, looked like this. That little white circle was the sun trying to get through those ugly black clouds. The wind wasn't a gentle breeze but it wasn't bad either.  Just enough to help dry of what little rain fell on the top of the motor home.  A bunch of old towels, Joe keeps around did the trick and in no time it was all dried off.

For those of you who have a cover for your rigs, you know they aren't a small bundle. He tied a rope to the rope that holds the cover together and hoisted it up the side to the top.

I cropped this picture, so you can't really tell the neighbor's"'tomato patch" is right next to Joe's foot. So there isn't much room  to toss those ties under the motor home to the other side. But he managed to get it done.

I tried to get him to smile, but he wasn't in a smiling mood after  the rush to get it covered, but God is good, and He held off the rains until we were finished.  It is a very good feeling to have that little job done for another winter...... and yes, it is raining now and is going to keep raining the weatherman says, with a lot more wind,  until next Tuesday.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Mish Mash Week

Fall is definitely here! It has been windy the last couple of days. Recently I went to our local Fred Meyers store (Kroeger to those of you who aren't familiar with Fred Meyers) and while walking back to my car from the store, I saw these pretty little leaves laying on the blacktop in the parking lot.  I thought  "Hmm I have just the vase for these"  A few weeks ago, I had gone to Goodwill. I love  wandering around that store. I came across this little old vase. It was Senior Day at the store, which means 10% off. So I paid 90 cents for it.  I was right. The leaves look very nice in my little vase.
Next week we have an appointment to have the motor home winterized. Then Joe will cover it for the winter. So today we decided to take it out for a little exercise.  He had a new alternator put in it and wanted to make sure every thing was working OK. He surprised me with breakfast at the Top O Hill Restaurant. There is a huge parking lot on the restaurant side and also on the opposite side. So parking wasn't a problem.  On the way home, my granddaughter called and asked me to meet her  so she could give me an adapter I needed. This time, parking was a bit of a problem. It was in a very busy strip mall. But it really wasn't a problem..They blocked traffic in the parking lot so Joe could back up and head out. Thanks kids.

I have 10 grandchildren. They are all very talented. There are  musicians, artists and computer whizzes. But today I want to focus on one particular grandson. Joshua is an intern Drawing Instructor at the Master School of Arts
Since the summer of 2006, Joshua worked to self-teach himself anime and his own cartooning style to illustrate the stories that he writes in his spare time. He started in the MSOA College program in Spring of 2008 and now continues to strive towards being able to put more realistic illustrations to his books. At the same time Joshua is currently working towards earning a Teacher's Certification.  His first book has been published and is available at:

Barnes and Noble


Great Birthday or Christmas present for the fantasy reader on your gift list.

For those of you who are heading out for "Snow Bird Country" , happy and safe travels to you. We are looking forward to reading about your travels and adventures this winter. We enjoy traveling through your eyes and words.