Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An Evening at the Symphony and Tuesday night Pickleball

Joe was asked to take residents from Miramont Pointe, where he works, to the Oregon Symphony last night and I got to go with him,  compliments of Joe's boss. I love symphony music.
 The bright lights were beautiful. The front marquee is just as beautiful.
This is one of the side doors of the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall.
The inside of the Concert Hall is very ornate. This is a small portion of the overhead ceiling that we sat under.

No matter where I go, church, concerts, theater.... I have people taller than me sitting in front of me.  Fortunately, last night, there were empty seats next to us so at the intermission, we moved over.

Tuesday nights Joe plays pickleball. Just recently they moved to Risely Park, about five minutes from our house. The tennis courts are striped for pickle ball too. Very nice courts. 

So after fixing Viola's supper, I went over to watch him for a while.

After each game the players tap each other's paddles.

Both courts were used for two hours of play. Everyone seems to have a good time. The sixth grade son of one of the players was playing tonight . He seemed to be pretty good too, but then his dad and uncle play too. Joe won all his games tonight. He has a spin that is unique to him but  anyone who plays with him more than once knows how he plays.......... I loved the color of the trees in the park tonight. Even though the weather is beautiful in Portland, the nights are getting cooler and the leaves are turning colors.


  1. How nice of Joe's boss to let you tag along.

    We love to play pickleball. When we winter in Mission, we have to play early. By 10:30 the wind picks up and there is no way we can play.

  2. The concert hall is so beautiful. I can see why you just wanted to look at the ceiling. So much to look at, and such a beautiful design.

  3. So nice to see photos of both of you! Great that you got to go to the concert, too. Joe plays a pretty good game, and keeps in good shape doing that. Beautiful photos, Betty. Thanks again for sharing.

  4. That concert hall looks beautiful. Nice that you got to go out for a nice concert. Love the picture of the people in front of you. At least the ladies no longer dress up in big fancy hats lol!

  5. Sounds like you had a fun evening out, the concert hall is so beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  6. excellent that you got to go too....beautiful architecture...never heard of pickle ball..interesting