Thursday, August 30, 2012

The kind of tree this is please?

We had breakfast at Granny's restaurant in Milwaukie near our home this morning.
This tree was in the parking lot. The majority of the leaves were still green but there were some light orange leaves and yellow also.  There were also some burgundy, fuzzy pods hanging there also.

Look at the pretty pink and yellow on this one.  I would really like to know if someone could tell me the name of this tree.


  1. Looks beautiful but I can't help you this time. If someone does let you know, please publish the tree photo and its name in your next blog. I am curious also.

  2. Sorry, have no clue. But, I love the colors!

  3. Kind of hard to tell from the pictures but it looks like a Sumac to me

  4. It is kind of hard to tell from the photo's but it looks like a Sumac tree to me.