Friday, August 31, 2012

Thank You to "Ritter's Ramblings"

Thank you to "Ritter's Ramblings" for suggesting the pictures I posted might be of a Staghorn Sumac tree.  I think you are right. I Googled Sumac trees and it sure looks like the one above.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The kind of tree this is please?

We had breakfast at Granny's restaurant in Milwaukie near our home this morning.
This tree was in the parking lot. The majority of the leaves were still green but there were some light orange leaves and yellow also.  There were also some burgundy, fuzzy pods hanging there also.

Look at the pretty pink and yellow on this one.  I would really like to know if someone could tell me the name of this tree.

An afternoon and evening at the Oregon State Fair

This afternoon Joe got off work early and we headed to Salem for the Oregon State Fair. It was a beautiful day
This old Farmall brought back memories for Joe. As a high school kid, living on a farm in North Dakota, he drove one like this

These birds were absolutely beautiful

(As long as they didn't land on MY shoulder)!

Both Joe and I love to watch the action in the horse barn.

This team won first place in the competition

Joe's favorite thing at ANY fair is corn on the cob dripping with butter. And he certainly wasn't disappointed at the Oregon State Fair

This young man, who was showing his sheep at the fair, didn't have a clue we took his picture.  He was out like a light. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A week of fun with my sister


The weekend of August 12th Joe and I went to Bonney Lake, WA for the weekend. It was Joe's birthday and his son took him to the LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma.
The LeMay Auto Museum is directly across the street from the Tacoma Dome
While the guys were at the auto Museum, My sister, and sister in law and I spent the day at Northwest Trek near Eatonville, Washington.
We ride in trams.......the animals roam free

Joe had to work Monday, Tuesday and Wed. So Jan and I took advantage of  "sister" time to do some fun things in the area. We hopped on the Oregon City Trolley for another historical tour of the city. After that we enjoyed time at the Interpretive Center/Museum.

The next day was a fun day of shopping. I have never seen so many shoes, so many colors.

Wednesday morning, we went exploring.  I had been wanting to check out a walking trail near where we live.  What a delightful surprise.  The trail was built on what use to be the old Portland Trolley line.  There is a very nice parking lot, a beautiful little park with a bridge, covered picnic area, play grounds for the gr. grand kiddos, not to mention a paved trail with wetlands, marshes, birds, etc. Luv, Luv, Luv it.

In the afternoon, we went to the Clackamas County Fair in Canby, about 20 minutes from our house . IT WAS SO "STINKIN" HOT!!! In the mid 90's  So we only stayed a couple of hours. When Joe got off work, it was cooler, and we went back and enjoyed an evening of rodeo.  Pretty good for a small county fair.

Thursday we went back to Haag Lake for another picnic.  We found a secluded area at the other end of the lake with a gentle flowing creek, big flat rocks, picnic tables.... huge shade trees, just perfect for another very warm day.

Friday was a BIG day.  We visited all four visitor centers along Highway 504 to Mt. St. Helens with Johnston Ridge being the final stop.

Mr. G was our chauffeur/tour guide for the day.

While at Johnston Ridge, we went into the theater and saw two videos. One on the eruption of Mt. St. Helens and the other on the return of plant and animal life to the mountain. When the films were over, slowly, the beautiful red drapes that covered the whole front of the theater rose to reveal this beautiful view of the mountain, just outside the windows.  It was a spectacular end to a beautiful day.

On the way down from the mountain we stopped at Patty's Place for supper.  I had one of the best hamburgers I've ever eaten.  For desert, Joe and I shared a peach/rasberry cobbler ala mode.  Mmmmm so good.

Yes, this is me.  We decided to take a hike Saturday to Tamanawas Falls.  The trail wasn't in the best shape and neither was I!  I haven't done much walking since my mom died, and it really told on me during this hike.

The scenery was beautiful along the way.

Well worth the effort. But we only went a half mile.  It was two miles to the falls.  So now that I am back on track for walking , the next time Jan comes to see us, I promised her we would make it all the way to the falls.  I can do this. :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Princess Emily Comes to Visit her GG and Grandpa

My  birthday was very special with gifts, cards, birthday greetings from many friends and family  and some time with Princess Emily. She will be three in September. We had lunch at Dairy Queen then it was off for a little shopping.
She just had to have one of these pretty pink blossoms.

After lunch we went shopping for a new pair of shoes. She found a Princess Umbrella  too.

I think she would have slept with it if mommy would have let her.

Showing Grandpa Joe her new shoes

She is holding a little pink flamingo of mine which she is trying to convince her Grandpa Joe is really a ducky

Telling Grandpa goodbye

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Horseshoes and Air Show

Friday afternoon our friends Russ and Kay invited us to come for a visit.  Kay and I enjoyed our visit INSIDE where it was nice and cool while Russ and Joe pitched horseshoes for a few hours.

But it seems, Joe was a bit distracted.  His eyes kept wandering up to the sky. Why you might ask?  Because the Portland Air show is this weekend at the Hillsboro Airport which is very close to where Russ and Kay live.  Some of those jets that screamed over literally vibrated the house.... Need I say more?  Needless to say Russ won the games. 

When it was time to head for home, they suggested that we eat at the Reedville Cafe Good choice guys!! Great food.  If you are wondering about Kay's arm, She took a fall while they were at the beach for a horseshoe tournament and broke a bone in her upper arm. It is healing nicely and only a few more weeks in that sling.

Well, come Saturday morning, friend David was here at 8:00AM and the two of them took off for breakfast at Biscuits Cafe be fore heading out to the air show.

Dave and Joe were well prepared for the high temps out there (102) but with all the concrete, it was much hotter.

The headliners........
Joe favors the Blue Angels but he said it was still a great performance. While the guys were enjoying the show, I was enjoying being at home inside my nice a/c house. I watered the hanging baskets twice today because it was so hot. I'm not complaining though, because before we know it, summer will be gone, and fall and winter will be upon us.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

After a month in our Mobile Home Park, our friends  Jim and Neila have left on the next phase of their Journey. Goodbyes are hard for us so we just say "So long for now." There were many evenings of cards, sharing meals and laughs

In between their appointments and schedules we packed a lot of fun in July... A Picnic at Haag Lake
Fourth of July Fireworks in Estacada, Oregon

An afternoon at Timothy Lake near Mt. Hood

A trip to Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood

We picked Cherries near Kaiser, Oregon

We enjoyed a day on Suavie Island

We invited them to the annual Tarr Family Reunion near Estacada that also included a Horseshoe Tournament. Joe's daughter and Son in law took first place again this year.

This is a stop at the Gorge White House on our annual Fruit Loop around Mt. Hood   

Ready to board the Oregon City Trolley for a Oregon City Historical tour.Oregon City Trolley

An overlook on the Willamette River at the John Storm Park in Oregon City

Following the Oregon City Tour, we took off for Hood River to watch the Kite Surfers on the Columbia River

What a relaxing day!

Before they left, we went to the horseshoe pits in Oregon Cit where Joe gave them a few pointers on throwing shoes.

We expect to see some tournament champions in the future.